Last year we inadvertently started a bit of a tradition, an annual pilgrimage to Nottingham to visit family and have a pumpkin experience. Last week saw us carry that on with a 4 day trip to stay with Matts’ brother and girlfriend.

As you’ll see our pumpkin experience at Maxies Farm was rather windswept, thanks to the approach of Storm Brian. It was wonderful & helped me tick another item off our Autumn to-do list. Once we’d had our fill of the ocherous gourds we headed ‘home’ for a delicious vodka pasta – it was my first time trying the dish and won’t be my last!



Whilst we were in Nottingham we also visited a stately home, perused John Lewis and sampled other delights not found in Northern Ireland, like Krispy Kreme and Aldi. It was a thoroughly ordinary four days, in some ways, but exciting and refreshing nonetheless.



This post is part of The Ordinary Moments series hosted by Donna of What The Redhead Said.