As a child I was a total book worm, even as a teenager I read books many times over due to running out of material between library visits. I suppose I was a bit of a Matilda character but without her supreme pancake making skills. I’ve always hoped that Luisa will develop the same love of reading that I have and i’m always looking for new ways to encourage her. Our house is coming down with books and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For now she mostly reads with our help, she is only two after all, but there are a few books that she’s memorised sections from and takes great pride in reading them aloud to us.



Given that I’m a first time mum without a teaching qualification I was a little worried that I wasn’t doing ‘enough’. I know we all have those thoughts but I really wasn’t sure if there were more games or activities I could incorporate to help Luisa grasp language and master the art of reading. So when Reading Eggs approached us at the start of the summer to discuss their new Junior programme I was really keen to get onboard.

Reading Eggs Junior is an app aimed at children between 2 and 4, you can use it on your desktop PC, most smartphones and tablets. We usually have Luisa use it via the browser on our Kindle Fire as, frankly, she’s not getting her mitts on my iPhone! One of the absolute BEST functions is that to log out you need a grownup to enter a code so your kids can’t accidentally exit the app and get upset.



Reading Eggs Junior features 100s books, videos and learning games created specifically for 2 to 4 year olds. All of the games are really fun and engaging with short stages and a feeling of progress which holds Luisa’s attention really well and gives her a sense of accomplishment.

We’ve been using Reading Eggs Junior for about 3 months now so we’ve really put it through it’s paces and it’s clear to me that it’s not just about having fun. The games and activities are really carefully selected to grow a knowledge of stories, words, letters and sounds which all helps to lay a strong foundation for reading success.

At the moment we’re mainly focussing on the games that develop vocabulary, pairing skills and introducing some phonics too. As Luisa progresses we’ll spend more time on alphabet recognition and handwriting skills. I think it’s great that Reading Eggs junior is built to be a real journey through language and I can see it giving Luisa a strong foundation for the future when she ‘graduates’ to the original Reading Eggs programme.




My favourite aspect of Reading Eggs Junior is the library which has over 250+ read-aloud books. All the ones we’ve tried are age‑appropriate and fun, Luisa especially loves the nursery rhymes and is starting to show an interest in some of the non fiction too. Something I really like about the app is that it’s so responsive, when you child really enjoys one particular story similar ones are suggested and so you can carry on the learning by choosing something else you know they’ll love.




In conclusion I would definitely reccomend a Reading Eggs Junior subscription to any parents of a 2-4YO. I love seeing how much fun Luisa has learning new skills and I’ve been genuinely amazed by how quickly she’s progressed.

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