We were sent the ‘Toilet Train Bing’ free of charge to provide an honest review.

If you’re familiar with Bing Bunny you’ll know he seems to be into everything. His latest adventure is potty training and, with a bit of luck, it will be our milestone too. Luisa turned two in May so we’re not in any hurry to get her using the potty but we have been gently encouraging her over the past few months.

We started by setting up her (extravagant) potty in the living room and encouraging her to play with it or sit on it occasionally. As ever, I’m taking the relaxed/lazy approach to the whole thing. Because I’m almost always at home with her we’re not on a timeline for nursery or anything so we can afford to be relaxed. My main goal is to provide gentle encouragement and make the whole process as fun and painless as possible.



This is where Bing comes in. We were recently sent the new Toilet Train Bing plush toy. In typical Bing fashion he chatters a lot and always wants to play. He is programmed with a range of conversations and games such as various adventures with Hoppity, hide and seek and story time. The toilet training element comes in when Bing has been playing for too long, if you don’t get him to the potty in time he’ll have an accident and his pants light up.



When Bing successfully ‘goes’ on the toilet there are a range of sounds like a flush followed by a big celebration. At first I thought the whole thing might potentially be a little bit stressful for Luisa, she is a sensitive soul after all. I didn’t want her to miss the point and get upset when Bing had an accident. Fortunately she wasn’t phased and the toy doesn’t dwell on the whole thing, once there’s been a mishap it’s on with the fun and better luck next time. As Flop would say, it’s no big thing!



I really like the positive message behind Toilet Train Bing and his pants are super cute. Luisa cheers with delight when Bing manages to go to the toilet properly and we all join in the celebration afterwards. I think this will really be a big help with our own potty training journey because Luisa absolutely loves Bing and I’m confident he will further encourage her to use her own ‘pot’, as she likes to call it.

Toiled Train Bing has an RRP of £31.99, is suitable for children aged 2 years+ and is available from all good retailers including Argos, Amazon and Smyths.