I’ve talked before about our weaning journey with Luisa, to recap she was slow to start and generally unimpressed with actual baby food – preferring ‘real’ food, for grown ups. Looking back, that’s the point when I should have realised she was going to grow up to be an opinionated pain in my neck! Just to further keep me on my toes Lu has now decided, aged 2 years and 3 months that she’s a fan of pouches. Go figure. She calls them a ‘treat’ and who am I to argue?



About a year and half ago we first tried pouches from the brand ‘For Aisha’ and they went down really well. I think Lu was such a fan because there is some actual flavour (yes I tried them too) Well, they’ve now launched a range of toddler meal trays suitable for aged 10 months and above. The recipes were created in consultation with a Belgian/Moroccan chef and include a wide range of herbs, spices and exotic ingredients that provide more complex flavour combinations so they’re perfect for babies who are trying chunkier textures and are ready to expand their palette.




These meal trays tick the boxes for me because, frankly, there are many many days a week where Lu rejects whatever i’ve made for her and she see these as a really special meal. I’m more than happy to give them to her during a dinner time strop because they contain only natural ingredients; with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. There’s also no added sugar and salt and the meal trays are dairy, soya and nut and gluten free making them a great option for allergy families too. Toddlers think they’re so smart don’t they!



Luisas’ favourite so far is the Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry but she also really likes Green Bean & Lamb Curry. Priced at £1.85, For Aisha Baby Food Tray Meals are currently sold in Asda but I expect they’ll roll our to the rest of the supermarkets where you can already get the pouches.

If you’re keen to try out the range for yourself and inject some real flavour into your little ones diet enter my giveaway below. The team ant For Aisha are giving away a really cool Taste Adventures hamper which includes a range of meals trays, pouches and other goodies – full spec below.


Taste Adventures Weaning Hamper