We were recently sent some of the new Num Noms series 4 collection to have a play and really find out what all the fuss is about. If you’re not familiar with Num Noms they’re a collectable toy aimed at kids 3 and over. They’re heavily scented and really cute with a Kawaii type look. Obviously, Luisa is a little below the target age so she’ll need to be supervised when playing with them but I’m a big fan of cute little collectables and Num Noms seem like the perfect introduction for her.



We were sent the Sweets Sampler Lunchbox Deluxe which comes with 10 characters in total, one of which is a mystery character and two lip glosses. Our surprise character was SUPER cute but I’ll not ruin it just now, you can watch my video below to find out who we got.

I love that the lunchbox packaging can be reused as a storage case, it’s pretty sturdy and has a cute spoon handle. The Sweets Sampler is £16.99 and is an amazing way to kick off your collection given that it’s got a good variety of nums.




The reason I think Num Noms are a pretty cool toy is that they’re pretty affordable, you can get a bigger set for a gift or opt to let you kids buy the smaller mystery bags with their pocket money. Also, they don’t take up a lot of space and look cute displayed in a bedroom. For younger kids, I think stacking them up makes a great fine motor activity and I’m hoping they’ll be a good way to encourage Lu to have some quiet time before naps.

You can buy Num Noms from loads of places like Tesco, Asda, Argos or The Entertainer.