Most toddlers are big fans of bath time. They love the bubbles, the special toys and splashing water all over the place. If your kids is one of the tots who looks forward to having a bath it can be a really great part of their bedtime routine as it helps to tire them out. However, there are lots of kids who really aren’t big fans of bath time. Whether its the hair washing they hate or the lack of control there are some kids who would do anything to avoid a bath. It’s a phase that will pass but it can be really difficult to deal with when you’re in the trenches.



We’ve been pretty lucky in that Luisa has always enjoyed bath time although, like most toddlers, she’s not a big fan of actually getting washed. Given her… spirited nature I was really keen to make sure bath time never became a battleground so I came up with a few strategies to make it as fun as possible.


  • Role play the hair washing experience and let them join in by washing a favourite bath toy.
  • Experiment with different method for rinsing their hair. Try a cup, small watering can, show attachment or jug.
  • Have special toys that are only for the bath, it gives them something to look forward to.
  • Fun products with engaging packaging make bath time more fun for everyone.
  • Try a bubble machine – it’s a great distraction for someone small who doesn’t like having their hair or face washed.
  • Stay calm – if you’re anxious or cross your toddler will pick up on that and the process will be more difficult for you both.


Over the past few weeks we’ve been using some new bath products from Australian brand Jack N’ Jill, you might remember we’re already fans of their range of toothbrushes/ toothpaste. There are three different ranges in the collection ‘Simplicity’ ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Serenity’, all made with natural ingredients and specially formulated for delicate skin.



The Simplicity range is naturally unscented, hypoallergenic and deeply nourishing, making it the perfect choice for ultra-sensitive skin of all ages, and perfect for newborns.

The Sweetness range is blissful and uplifting with Australian native orange pearl extract and healing organic coconut oil to restore and relax.

The Serenity range celebrates Australian botanicals with a tranquil and soothing aromatherapy blend of native Australian White Cypress and Australian Lavender oil.




So far we’re really enjoying the products, they’re beautifully scented and really delicate on the skin. I love the fact that loads of botanicals extracts have been used, all carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits. None of the products have had a dry effect on Lu’s sensitive skin and she enjoys looking at the cute characters on the packaging – I usually use this as a distraction technique so I can rinse her hair!

The new bath time range retails at £11.99 for the moisturiser, £9.99 for the shampoo & body wash and bubble bath. All the products come in a 300ml bottle with a pump that’s easy for an independent toddler to use themselves but can be locked – a must in my book.

If you’d like to try the range for yourself enter my giveaway below to win a bath time hamper worth over £30.