Over the past few weeks, we’ve been keeping track of our spending and chatting with the team at Mumsnet & Avios to see how small changes to our spending could equate to amazing travel opportunities. If you’ve read my blog for a while you know we love to travel as a family. Like most people, we’re always looking for ways to save money and plan our next getaway. Now that Luisa is two the cost is going up so we’re having to be savvier when booking days out and trips away.


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The Avios Travel Rewards Programme turns everyday spending into great value travel rewards. By using the Avios eStore you can Avios on your day to day purchases which you can then spend on flights, hotels, car hire and much more. I’ll be totally transparent here – when I started tracking my spending to see how many Avios we could collect I was a little sceptical. I’m sure I’m not the only one whos had a store card in the past that never really amounted to much. Nevertheless, I gave it a whirl and was really surprised by the results – you can check out my typical weekly spend and see how that could translate to Avios below.


*Calculation based on pounds 

**Calculated here

*** You can collect Avios in-store by linking your card and purchasing as usual. Find out more about linking your card here 


Now, of course, no two weeks are the same. Whilst the sun is shining we’ll spend very little on attractions or eating out as we’ll be playing in the garden and going to the park.

Then you have those ‘spendy’ weeks… when there are birthdays, sales, holidays, treat yourself days. So I feel like it all evens out and the table above is a pretty accurate representation of our normal spending.


How does the E-Store work?

It couldn’t be simpler – if you can read this blog you can shop the Avios e-store. The sign up is quick and easy, plus they don’t annoy you with tonnes of emails. Before I make a purchase I head to the site and either browse stores by category or look for a specific retailer if I know exactly where I want to shop.

For example, right now I need to get Luisa a new UV swim cover up – the kind with long sleeves. The ‘Children & Family’ section has loads of retailers to choose from like Frugi, John Lewis, Mothercare and more. You can see how many Avios are available per £1 spent in each store and if there are any time limited special offers on top of the usual rewards. Now all I have to do is decide which one to buy her!

So basically all it takes to collect your reward currency is a few extra clicks which when you see the end results are more than worth it…


Where could your Avios take you?

So we’ve already figured out that we could collect 37,128 Avios over the course of a year, just by making our normal everyday purchases via the e-store. But what does that really mean?

Well, the three of us could book return flights to Barcelona, Paris or Madrid and still have Avios to spare. Or maybe we’ll plan a trip to London calling in at Madame Tussauds, taking a cruise on the Thames and going for afternoon tea – all without spending a penny. If you ask me that’s pretty brilliant, with very little effort on my part we’ve got ourselves an extra holiday.

Visit the Avios website to find out how you could turn your Avios into unforgettable experiences and keep reading for a great competition.



Win with Avios & Mumsnet

Avios are giving away 10,000 Avios to one lucky winner, plus two prizes of 5,000 Avios and 3 prizes of 2,500. You can enter here.