*I was sent this PacaPod backpack in exchange for an honest review.

Something I’ve struggled with ever since finding out I was pregnant is worrying that I look too ‘mumsy’. I think a lot of you will be able to relate to this, from day 1 I found that most maternity ranges were a bit mature for my taste. Whilst the clothes were really comfortable I felt like I was playing dress up in someone else’s wardrobe. Even now, whenever I shop for new clothes or try a new hairstyle I worry that I look drab or I’m just going for convenience and compromising my personal style. I think a lot of these feeling come from an insecurity that becoming a mum means a loss of identity.

When I was pregnant I didn’t buy a baby bag, one came free with my pram and I was more than happy to use it. Nothing I saw in the shops took my fancy, it was all too twee and complicated. As Luisa got older and started to need more bits and pieces on days out I found myself struggling with the large compartments most of my bags seemed to have. I could never put my hand to just what I was looking for, which is far from ideal with an impatient baby around.


Fast forward to last month when I was asked if I fancied reviewing a bag from the new Travel Lite range by PacaPod. When I locked eyes on the gorgeous leather Hartland backpack it was love. This bag is not your baby’s, it comfortably holds everything they could possibly need but it is very much your bag.



This PacaPod backpack is described as “the travel seekers ultimate baby bag” and it does not disappoint. The Hartland is a super luxe streamlined backpack, which easily switches to a messenger bag with no faffing. Another aspect I really appreciate is how you can clip it on to your pram with ease, so there’s really 3 ways to use this PacaPod backpack.



When you look at the Hartland the pebble tan leather is the first thing that strikes you. It feels so luxurious and is delightfully soft. I just love the feel and shape of the bag, it really is something truly special that I would choose for myself regardless of how great it is for baby.

Once you get inside you’ll discover two pods, one insulated feeding pod and one changing pod with space for nappies, wipes and other essentials. I absolutely love the map print and think it brings a real sense of adventure.



pacapod back pack inside spec hartland pod system travel lite


So far I’m really impressed with how much you can comfortably fit in the Hartland, it’s a beautiful bag and very much my second baby so I’ve been anxious not to overload it. During our recent trip to Dublin, I had no problem carrying around all of Luisa’s gear as well as my MacBook Pro, Canon g7x and other essentials – like my purse and keys. There was certainly room to spare and it wasn’t so heavy as to be uncomfortable.



Pacapod really thought about the shape of the bag, it’s slim enough to fit in the basket of all of my prams – including the Babyjogger City Tour & the Mountain Buggy Nano, which are both compact travel strollers. The Hartland will be joining us on our upcoming travels to Spain and to various blogging events in London over the next few months. It’ll comfortably fit in the overhead lockers for our flight but to be honest I’m starting to wonder if my precious bag actually deserves its own seat…



In summary, the Hartland is buttery soft, terribly stylish and shockingly practical. Granted, it is a splurge rather than a save but it’s a genuine investment in something beautiful which all mums totally deserve.

The Hartland and the other bags in the new Travel Lite collection are available to preorder from PacaPod now and will be dispatched next month.