I don’t know about you but being ‘plus-size’ (I hate that phrase but let’s not go there today) and having my confidence ravaged thanks to months in the house with a toddler and very few social engagements the thought of a ‘summer wardrobe’ doesn’t have me jumping for joy.

But, as ever, I’m trying to get out of my head and comfort zone to make the most of the hot weather both here in the UK and on my holiday to Spain in August. I’ve been doing some shopping and I’ve started to pull together a little bit of a holiday wardrobe without breaking the bank or crying in a changing room. Success!

‘Mama Merch ‘ is an absolute staple in my wardrobe, year round. 5 days out of 7 you’ll find me rocking jeggings and some kind of Mama graphic tee. To bring my slogan tee collection in from the cold I’ve bought some shorts and skirts that will mix and match nicely with my existing tops. Here are a few ideas below, all available in the UK in size 16 or above.


Summer '17 curve


This summer I am going to be bold and wear patterned shorts and playsuits. So what if I look like a supersized toddler, I’ll be having fun and enjoying the weather in comfort not hiding away in jeans and I insist you do the same! My go-to look for most of the summer is usually jersey dresses that nip in under the bust, they’re comfortable and flatter my shape so it’s an easy option. I also think they work really well for holidays because you can accessorise them from day to night easily.


Jersey skater plus size curve


No matter what your size it can be hard to find summer outfits on the high street that flatter your body. We’re not cookie cutter and so a dress from Topshop that looks fab on your size 14 friend may really not be cut to flatter your size 10 mum. I spoke to some friends to find out how they make the most of their unique shape in the summertime.


Beth from Life As Mum says — “I find it difficult to find clothing in my size that are in the current fashion. I find the bigger size you are, the older style the clothes get. I also find most of the popular stores such as New Look, have so many short tops which really annoys me! My favourite things to wear during the warm weather are cami trousers. They’re so comfortable and light!”


Lucy of Hello Beautiful Bear thinks you should embrace your body — “If you don’t like certain areas of your body, put emphasis on the bits that you do like to give you a confidence boost i.e. I hate having my arms on show (wear cold shoulder or those tops with the slight sleeves to just cover the tops of your arms) but I don’t mind my legs so I focus on those and work my outfit around what I’m happy with first.”


Alex of Lamb & Bear has curves for days — “Kardashian over here! I have a size 14 bum and size 10 top. Almost impossible to shop in a lot of places. H&M cater for women who have figures like broomsticks so I avoid there most of the time. My tip is to buy cotton jersey swing or A-line dresses that show off my small boobs and bony shoulders, but float over my massive hips and Kimmy K bootay.”


Chelle is a woman after my own heart — “Hippy dresses that tie under bust to emphasise boobs and hide my saggy tummy!”


Chloe from Sorry About The Mess is learning to be bold and show off her shape — “I am an apple shape so everything that fits around the waist is way too big everywhere else. It’s so frustrating! Top in a smaller size (10/12) and skirt in a larger size 14/16) is usually the most flattering option for me, and although I feel terror at the thought of emphasising my waist, I’m learning that things do seem to look better if I tuck the top into my waistband rather than my instinctual preference which is to wear flowing tops that hide the belly.”


Emma of Freelance Lifestyle feels like accessorising & quality pieces are key — “I’m a size 18 and very apple-shaped. I tend to either go for smock/tunic dresses with leggings or black jeggings or go neutral and go for jeggings and an oversized t-shirt paired with a statement necklace or funky shoes to distract from my tummy. Also, I always used to buy cheap clothes, but now I’d rather invest in pieces from places like Joules which are nicely lined so skim rather than cling.”


curve woman field summer
Priscilla Du Preez

How do you make the most of your shape in the summer? I’d love to hear your tips for feeling stylish and comfortable in the heat. Right now I’m on the lookout for some new shoes – I love my Birkenstocks but not when they fly off as I chase a toddler, any ideas?