You already know we love to travel, I firmly believe that it’s good for the soul and you shouldn’t let having kids hold you back. Show them the world instead of buying them all the stuff, at least that’s my motto.

Luisa is one seriously well travelled toddler and we’ve learnt a lot on our various adventures. My packing is now pretty streamlined, we know how to get a good deal on flights (though if money was no object i’d plump for the cost of a private jet!) Matt knows all the best airport car parking companies and we’ve got ‘go to’ activities and snacks for the flight.




I spoke to some other bloggers who’ve shared a little bit of their wisdom to make overseas travel with kids run smoothly.

Laura makes a really great point about being relaxed on the journey, “Remember that the journey is just a small portion of the holiday – it’s nearly always worth it. So don’t be afraid, jump on the plane for 17 hours and remember that the air crew have seen it all before. Babies cry, don’t worry if yours does.” She also previously wrote me a wonderful guest about packing for long haul travel with kids so be sure to check that out.

Carrie from Flying with a Baby has so many travel tips she started an entire blog about it – I love her point about how to have an painless boarding experience, “Board last- no need for kids to wait for everyone else on the plane- but have hubby board earlier with gear to secure a place for over head baggage.”

If you’ve got rowdy toddlers you need to keep them engaged on the plane so be smart like Bridget… “Buy a handful of small toys from poundland and wrap them in tissue paper, then give them as a ‘present’ one by one. This saved us on our trip to Melbourne to distract when our daughter was upset.”



Jenny is a mum to two who advises that you take some snacks they like from home. Just in case they dislike the ones in the country they are visiting.

Leanne makes an epic point with this idea – “Take talc. It brushes the sand off them easily and helps with chub rub”

Another holiday hack comes courtesy of Lisa “Pre pack kids outfits in a large IKEA sandwich bag underwear and outfit that way it’s grab a bag each morning no messing about.”



Despite the fact that we’re pretty experienced travellers we did get caught out recently. Whilst in Spain visiting Matts uncle Luisa got a touch of sun stroke and was really rather poorly. Cue a mad dash to a pharmacy only to be redirected to hospital with a very upset toddler projectile vomiting everywhere. Yikes.

I’m pretty embarassed to say the main problem wasn’t the sudden illness but the language barrier. We wasted so much time faffing around with google translate and it made the whole situation a lot more stressful. Holiday Autos recently did a bit of research which found that the average Brit only knows 8 Spanish words, only 1 in 10 of us are capable of uttering ‘I have an upset stomach’ yet over a third can order a beer without issue! Without a doubt my number one tip for overseas travel with kids is to take a little list of key medical phrases and any info about allergies in the local language.

Just because ‘most people’ do speak English doesn’t mean everyone you meet will and besides, thier role is to work as a doctor or nurse not a translator! The poll by Holiday Autos found that 27 percent of Brits make no effort at all to learn a language ahead of their trip which, in my opinon, is very silly. Grab yourself an app like DuoLingo and make an effort – the locals will appreciate it.



In summary, overseas travel with kids is amazing. You have the chance to make lifelong memories for your whole family. Just be sure to pack smart and the next time you’re browsing the internet for a getaway start learning the language then. You’ll be surprised how much more fun and straightforward your trip will be with even a basic grasp of the local language – after all noone wants to be that fool stuck in the middle of nowhere without any luggage and no clue how to find their hotel, do they?



“…having confidence leads to happier holidays — something which Holiday Autos believes in wholeheartedly, as we provide book and go car hire and we are committed to find the best car at the best price for everyone’s holidays.”