Summer has got to be my favourite time of year. Everything is brighter, there seems to be an optimisim and sense of adventure in the air. Even if you’re not going abroad there are so many opportunities to make an ordinary day a bit more exciting. We love to picnic outside, take more trips to the park, host family BBQs, visit the beach, even go camping.

The last thing you want, especially during the summer, are pesky bugs and viruses coming along and ruining the fun. Of course with young kids these things are par for the course but you can take steps to reduce the chances of a sicky household.

We’ve teamed up with Milton, who have over 100 years of experience in keeping homes clean and safe, to bring you these tips to help keep your family safe this summer.


Obviously the starting point for keeping your family healthy this summer is hygiene. Recently we’ve been using Miltons antibacterial surface spray around the kitchen in particular and found it cleans really well, even lifting that orange residue that baked beans seem to leave on a white highchair. There’s no bleach or alcohol in it so it’s totally safe to use in food prep areas and around your baby.




The other thing you have to watch out for in the summer might sound like a no brainer but it kind of surprised me, when Luisa was small especially. It doesn’t take a big increase in temperature to make some babies fussy and uncomfortable. I’ve found a few tricks to help them cope in the heat.

  • Offer drinks and snacks regularly, even if you’re not aboad higher temperatures at home can put babies and toddler off big meals.
  • Make your own smoothies or ice lollies by freezing favourite juices and milks.
  • Enjoy some outdoor water play either with a snazzy activity station, a trusty paddling pool or a sprinkler.
  • Make sure your baby has lots of time in the shade. Whether they’re sporting a novelty hat or playing in a little pop up tent don’t let them sit out in the sun all day – avoid it entirely between 12 and 2. We love to use a Snoozeshade when we’re on the go as it protects from harsh rays but it’s totally breathable.



The second Milton product that’s been a game changer in our house is their washing up liquid. We don’t have a dishwasher and have always struggled to feel totally confident that all those little beakers and cups were totally clean. I’ve found that all milks seem to leave a bit of a residue, especially thicker almond milks. This washing up liquid is the only one I’ve ever found to leave Lu’s cups totally clean.

To be honest there’s not a great deal more I can say about it – it’s genuinely the best way to clean anything your baby easts or drinks from. You won’t find me using anything else.




I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I actually find it a lot easier to parent in the warmer months. Being able to go outside more when you’ve got an energetic toddler does wonders for everyones mood. We’re raelly lucky to have our own garden now and Luisa has already been loving playing outside more and getting into mischief with the dog. I need eyes on the back of my head to keep those two out of trouble but at least they’re having a good time.

I’ve found myself reaching for a Milton classic quite regularly, especially now that we have a dog in the house. We mix up sterilising tablets and water to clean our tiled floors, Matt used it to clean out the paddling pool and I dumped all luisas bath toys into a bucket of the solution for a refresh. The sterilising fluid and tablets have seemingly endless uses!



Milton are what I’d call ‘an oldie but a goodie’ I feel like it’s really easy to be tempted by every new product on the market and jump each time you see a nice a new piece of advertising.

What I love about Milton is that they’re making really practical products that deal with the issues modern parents have but at the same time they are a long established, reliable company. Your grandparents probably used the sterilising fluid, for me, Milton really is the definintion of a household name.


I hoep you enjoyed this post and it gave your a few ideas on how to have a happier, healthier summer with your little ones. Keep an eye on my Youtube channel because I have a travel tips video going up later today on a similar vein.