Sound the alarm, Summer is coming! I might not be beach ready but Luisa is all kitted out for a summer of spontanteous fun thanks to HUGGIES®. This year we’re chuffed to be working with them to showcase the Little Swimmers range and share some ideas for spur of the moment summer adventures.



We’re off to Spain this week so i’m going to use that as a good opportunity to dive in to this whole thing. Point of note – when I say ‘dive’ i’m speaking figuratively, I’m not a strong swimmer so it’ll be all doggy paddle from me! I think hitting the beach and pool on holiday will be a good start to our summer and hopefully it’ll spur us on to keep the spirit of summer adventure going at home.


Huggies are wanting to inspire families to enjoy fun in the water with their little ones, giving them the confidence that they’ll be protected from any little accidents. The swim pants are expertly designed so they won’t leak or expand in the water.



To find out more about our plans for the summer and check out some of the Huggies products we’ll be using see my video below.


As long as I’ve got a swim nappy in my changing bag this summer we’ll be able to take advantage of all the cool water fourtains and paddling pools we find on family days out.

To join in the fun pick up your pack of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® from the baby aisle and visit the Huggies website for more information, top tips and advice.