Summer is coming and I am ready to embrace the warmer day and longer nights. I feel like Spring is a great motivator and this year I’m trying to switch up my beauty ‘regime’ a little.



I’m willing to bet I’m not the only mum who hasn’t shaved their legs in 4-6 months so the first step in my quest to be ‘summer ready’ is to loose the winter coat. We’re going to Spain in a few weeks and I’m planning to get a spray tan before we go so I need to be smooth first! As you can imagine I don’t have a great deal of time on my hands so i’m toying with the idea of getting a professional waxing kit to handle this situation and minimise the need for ‘upkeep’.


Photo Credit – Epilator Home

There’s a limit to how good you can look without actually loking after your body. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to loose 3 stone in a week but I am making a few changes to improve my health and hopefully give me a bit more energy.

I’m banking on the concept that a few small changes can make a big difference so here’s hoping! Firstly I’m having breakfast every day, a proper breakfast like weetabix or a smoothie.

I’m also making a couple of tweaks to my diet. As you know I mainly use milk alternatives so I’m taking that further and substituting cheese too. Another little tweak is to switch your usual cooking fat / pan lubricant for a healthy oil – my preference is for rapeseed or coconut oil depending on the meal. I feel like both of these changes will really benefit my acne prone skin.



Even if you’re not a big makeup lover you won’t have been able to miss the fact that highlighting is having a real moment. Thankfully for those of us who aren’t professional MUAs the summer face is more about a glow than strobing. You can watch the video below to see my ’10 Minute Mum Makeup’ but i’m actually going to overhaul it a little for the summer. My plan is to switch to a lighter coverage foundation and add a bronzer with a soft shimmer. I’m in that market for a new bronzer that isn’t too orange so if you’ve any reccomendations let me know please.



The only thing left for my to sort out is my hair. It’s typical mum hair really, in need of a good cut. I’m hopefully going for a trim on Monday, i’m going to ask for a few more bouncy layers and some tips for a better at home blow dry.

None of these steps are going to be transformative but I’m hoping a little self care will get me in the mood for summer and be a bit of fun too.