Lu is so much fun right now but she is incredibly hard work. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with her she’s just nearly two and it seems like that’s a pretty tough stage in life. I’m willing to bet it is nowhere near as bad as 26 but there’s no point in getting into an arguement with her, I won’t win.

Toddlers are sent to try us, give me a newborn any day.



One of the toughest times of day, for me, is the morning. I am not a morning person and I doubt I ever will be. For that reason I take great pains to organise our lives so that I very rarely have to leave the house before 11am. I am all about the easy life! For me a smooth morning means one that is full of low maintenace play and ‘that’ll do’ parenting.



However, every so often, I have no choice but to face the world before lunch. Here are my top tips to make it out of your bed and into the land of the living relatively unscathed.


The first thing I need to do in the morning is turn the TV on. If it’s not Bing Bunny it’s probably Postman Pat and with that I’ve scored about 5 minutes – enough time to make a cup of tea and throw some toddler snacks in a bowl.

I then deliver the selection of delicacies to her highness and let her eat in front of the TV – told you I was about the easy life! With that I slink back to the kitchen and finish my cuppa.

The next step is to kick things in to second gear. I’ll look around and shove anything we might possibly need into Luisas bag before sneaking up stairs to get dressed (make sure cbeebies is set to autoplay the next episode)



Before you go any further I recommend stopping to say a short prayer, it’s time to get the toddler dressed.

This is signifigantly easier if you’ve done some laundry in the past week as you won’t have to dig through their drawers looking for something that matches. Top tip – if nothing coordinates pick the outfit that clashes in the loudest way possible, people will think it’s a style.

Whenever you’ve stuffed the writhing monster into their outfit for the next couple of hours you’ve basically won! Grab that bag, trail out the pram and hit the road! 9/10 I forget something but I find as long as you have a packet of rasins and your bank card there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


I think my approach to busy mornings is a real winner, sure it’s stressful but I’m never going to be a morning person. One thing I do wish I could make happen though is this genius innovation that recognises the importance of toast