You all know by now I live for the thrill of jetting off to new shores. You’ll rarely find me without some kind of trip booked whether it’s a grand transatlantic adventure or a staycation.

Organising a trip when you have kids to consider can be a bit of a headache though. You need to make sure the destination is going to be both safe and fun for them. It can be tempting to walk into a high street travel agent and grab one of their packages but that’s not really my style.



For me personally the holiday starts before it’s been booked. I love to research different countries and airlines, I genuinely enjoy clicking around looking for a good deal and reading reviews. Sometimes I do wish it was easier, not everyone typing away on Trip Advisor has the same ideas or standards as you and a lot of people providing reviews don’t have kids in their party.



That’s where Tots to Travel comes in and saves the day. Founded in 2006 the company keeps one simple question at the heart of everything they do:

“what really frustrates and worries mums and dads when they are planning, booking and going on holiday?”

The team at Tots to Travel handpick villas and cottages around Europe and personally visit them to guarantee that they are firstly, safe and secondly, fabulous. You’ll never find a pool without a safety barrier or windows without latches.

24 hr customer support is available incase anything comes up whilst you’re away and each property comes with a baby and child kit to help you travel light.



Now that sounds pretty damn good to me – you still get that bespoke holiday service but it’s a far cry from the stereotypical bulging resort but you haven’t had to take a gamble whilst booking it. You know that the standards are going to be really high because Tots to Travel wouldn’t risk their award winning reputation.



As I said, I do love the research element of booking a holiday – especially flicking through instagram and pinterest looking for destination inspo. We often use sites like air b n b to book accomodation on holiday and thankfully we’ve never had a really negative experience. That being said, when we booked our first property for the trip we took to America in December it was described as ‘family friendly.’

The house itself was large and in a convenient location. However, there was no outdoor space, no stair gates and all the floors were hardwood. The cot we expected wasn’t provided and the beds were really tall which was a worry as Luisa would have been hurt if she’d fallen out.

As I write this all down it sounds pretty grim actually – it didn’t ruin our trip by any means but it meant Matt & I couldn’t relax in the evenings. We were always looking over our shoulders to make sure Luisa wasn’t going too fast, about to slip, or playing too close to a staircase. It would have made for a much more relaxing break if we’d had that Tots to Travel service providing total peace of mind.


What approach do you take when booking a family holiday? Do you like an ‘off the rack’ package holiday or prefer to put together something yourself? I’d love to hear your tips for making sure accomodation is going to suit your little ones as we’re not about to put the passports away in a drawer anytime soon.