The great thing about holidaying with a baby is that you can take them basically anywhere and they couldn’t care less. As long as you’re meeting their needs you can be in Blackpool or Barcelona and they won’t take any notice. Of course you do need some extra gear to help baby cope with the heat but we’ve always had great experiences. I woudn’t say I’m an expert but Luisa has been on over 20 flights in two years so I think I know a thing or two.



These days we definetly have a toddler on our hands – not a docile, portable baby. This means we need to put a lot more thought into planning our travel and the holidays themselves. A rambunctious toddler needs familiar foods, activities, favourite toys and basically constant entertainment.


When looking at holiday options for a toddler it’s a great idea to look at companies which specialise in family friendly holidays. I’ve always heard great things about UK breaks in places like Butlins and Bluestone Wales. We’re actually going to Bluestone in May so I’ll be sharing my experience with you then but for now I’ve got this post on Bluestone from Leanne (A Slice of my Life Wales) If you like the sound of Butlins Beth of Twinderelmo recently wrote about her experience in the Minehead resort with her three children.



You’re not just restricted to the UK for toddler friendly holidays though. There are lots of great options in mainland Europe and further afield. Flying with a toddler is a bit more complex than flying as a couple or with a small baby but it absolutely isn’t as scary as you might think, as long as you’re prepared you’ll make it.

Last year we took Luisa to Crete and she absolutley loved it. That being said, she was 11 months old and had unlimited ice lollies and splashing in the pool – what’s not to love? We stayed in an apartment within a small hotel complex and spent our days exploring local markets and beaches. Basically we did whatever we wanted and she came along for the ride. This kind of break would be a disaster with her now. She really would get bored and need a lot more stimulation than ancient churches can provide.



Looking ahead to summer 2017 we need a more structured sunny getaway. Matt and I really like self catering options becuase we like to have a bit more of our own space but being within a resort type environment has a lot of bonuses. There’s usually entertainment and kids clubs, the staff have a lot of local knowledge and there are other families to mix with. Top of our lust list is a sunny break with Eurocamp. Specifically we’d like to visit their resort on the island of Elba, Tuscany. The camp we have our eye on is called Ville Degli Ulivi and it looks divine. The reviews are incredible, the beach looks pristine and there are so many activities. You can windsurf, dive, visit the spa, cycle – the list goes on. Crucially, there are a range of kids clubs and activties suitable for all ages.



Ultimately, holidaying with toddlers is always going to require a good deal of thought and careful planning but I really thing it’s worth it. You create such wonderful family memories and broaden their horizons with each new experience.

Have you been on a summer holiday with toddlers before? What kind of destinations do you think cater particularly well to the under 5s?