Bookish bloggers is back in action with a fab post featuring one of my best buddies Beth who blogs at Twinderelmo. As you might have guessed, Beth has twin girls as well as an older son. Her family lives in Shropshire and can always be counted on for amusing tales of twin related mischief.



What kinds of books are your favourite? Trashy? Mystery? Classics?

I love a good autobiography as I am really nosey! I do find it fascinating to find out about people’s lives and when they overcome huge things, such as Katie Piper. Her story is very inspiring.


What is the last book you read?

I am very VERY late to the party, but I’ve just finished reading all the Harry Potter books. I started by reading them to Charlie, then found myself nabbing them for myself. I had never read the books but seen the films, yet I found myself loving the books so much more than the film. There’s so much that’s not explored in the films.


If you could make it compulsory for everyone to read one book what would it be and why?

Stick Man by Julia Donaldsson. Rather a random choice I’m sure, but this book I could read forever. We as a family absolutely love it and it is such a brilliant story and so fun to read out loud. If you’re in a bad mood, read this and it will make you smile!



Do you prefer to have a physical copy of a book or do you like using a kindle etc too?

I’m old school and always have a paper copy. I don’t actually think I’ve ever read a book on a kindle. I love that with a paper book you literally can pick it up at anytime without worrying about your battery dying etc.


What’s the first book you can remember not being able to put down?

I was captivated by The Twits. I remember being quite young but sneaking under the bed covers to keep reading it at bedtime because I needed to know what happened. I was the same with the BFG too.



Is the book always better than the movie?

Definitely! They always give so much more detail. I’m a bit rubbish at following films, as get bored and lose interest so end up never knowing what’s going on.


What were your favourite stories growing up?

My Mom always used to read me the “Milly Molly Mandy” books at bedtime. I also was obsessed with the “Teddy Robinson” collection. I have no idea who wrote them and have never met anyone who has ever heard of them, but I owned them all and absolutely loved that bear growing up.



Do your kids like reading with you or is it a struggle to get them away from the TV?

Luckily Charlie is an absolute book worm. He can read at lightening speed and absorbs it all. He’s currently reading the Tom Gates series, but his favourites are definitely the Diary of A Wimpy Kid collection; he must have read them over and over a billion times.


Huge thanks to Beth for taking the time to join in with this series. Please do pop over to Beths blog for Disney magic, twin misadventures and awesome Slimming World inspiration. You can also follow Beth on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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