As I was born in 1990 I can pretty confidently call myself a ‘child of the 90s’. Sure I spent the first few years sitting in my own excrement but I think I experienced many of the joys of the decade. I’m talking Spice Girls, mood rings, dungarees, Pogs and scented gel pens. It was a pretty iconic time and so many 90s trends are resurfacing now – hello choker necklaces, scrunchies and grunge flannel shirts!

The 90s was an awesome decade, your biggest concern was keeping your tamgotchi alive or beating you siblings in a tense game of Bop It. I asked some friends to share their favourite thing about the 90s, can you relate to any of these?


“Hair mascara. Sports trousers with poppers up the sides. Chunky platform trainers. Plastic shag bands. Plastic lolly necklaces. Tamagotchis. Pushpops. The list is endless.” Lauren – Belle Du Brighton

“Oh god, the 90s for me was all about random coloured nail varnish (think yellow) burning incense and those two little bits of hair pulled out your ponytail at the front….” Laura – Life with Baby Kicks

“Platform trainers – I had extra height and comfort, plus I was bang on trend. I miss those trainers…” Jenny – Midwife and Life

“I really loved the 90s. The eyebrows, the blue eye shadow and frosty pink lipstick with dark liner. Those were the days.” Lauren – Dilan and Me


“The music! Whether your taste was pop: spice girls, take that, Hanson, backstreet boys, all saints or britpop/indie : oasis/blur feud anyone?” Nicola – Mummy to Dex

“Cheesy pop music – I can’t even name all the awesome cheese, but Spice Girls is right at the top” Sarah – The Herniman House


I’m not the only one who’s feeling the 90s throwback vibes. Halfords have been doing some research about the best bikes through the decades. They found that the BMX was the undisputed chap of the 90s scene. The fun loving trickster definetly captured the spirit of the day. I didn’t have the pleasure of owning a BMX, I rocked a mint green vintage Raleigh complete with wicker basket. My brothers both had BMXs in the 90s and 00s though and I always envied them!

What kind of bike sums up your youth?