There’s nothing simple about having a baby, at least that’s how it feels sometimes. For every age and stage you’re bombarded with opinions and advice. Baby weaning is no exception – in fact i’d say it’s one of the most hotly debated topics in mums groups and forums.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the best way to do it is whichever way works for your family.

With that being said – I am here to dish out some fuss free baby weaning advice today but I promise I’m not interested in bossing or judging you. If you’ve read a few of my posts you’ll know I’m a lazy laid back parent. I feel like the path of least resistance is nearly always the best one to take.


Preparing For Weaning

I think my love of thte easy life is what first attracted me to baby led weaning to be honest. The idea of having a baby and toddler who I could chuck some healthy finger food at was pretty appealing. I had zero desire to faff around with little pots of puree and blenders.


wean team baby weaning


A Bump in the Road

Once I started reading in to baby led weaning I knew it was the right option for us. I read a lot of books and articles in advance and felt pretty confident I knew what I was doing. By the time Luisa was 6 months old I had all the gear, a fully stocked fridge and a pinterest board bursting with ideas. Even though I felt really prepared and excited when Luisa turned 6 months I felt so nervous, to me she was still very much a baby. Weaning once seemed like a fun adventure but suddenly it was totally daunting.


luisa edible play dough baby weaning activity


I decided to take a step back and not put so much pressure on myself. She wasn’t interested in food, she was still a bit wobbly when sitting up – she just wasn’t ready in my opinion. So we waited a few weeks and took thinkgs on step at a time. Before I knew it she was chomping on toast and gumming bits of fruit.

To be honest I kind of expected her to be on 3 meals a day and mostly off milk by the time she was one but Lu clearly had/has other ideas. She’s never really had a big appetite preferring to graze and snack. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not picky in fact she loves food. But there are still days when she hardly eats anything, even at almost two.


baby weaning avocado first


That might sounds a bit concerning or daunting but the most important thing I’ve learnt from this whole parenting lark – weaning in particular – is to chill out. Look at the baby not the charts and the forums. She’s healthy, happy and intelligent. Soon enough she’ll be eating us out of house and home so for now I’m rolling with it.


baby weaning spaghetti


My Top Tips for Fuss Free Baby Weaning

Whether you choose to go down the baby led route, take a more traditional approach or combine the two  I think the most important thing is to relax. Respond to your baby and their needs – don’t obsess with what they ‘should’ be doing or enjoying.

Forewarned is forearmed. Do as much research as you can without getting obsessive about it. Look in to your options and discuss them with friends and your health visitor. Just remember to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Persist but don’t force it. It takes time for babies to get used to the tase and texture of foods. You need to keep offering different flavours and textures before their individual likes and dislikes can form. Keep offering a wide variety and come back to things again even if they were rejected at first.

Make mealtimes as fun as possible. Eat as a family and talk about your day – babies love to be social with food.