Morning all! So it’s Tuesday 27th December, what are you all up to? I imagine you’re looking around at the utter carnage left by Christmas and wondering if turkey curry or pie would be preferable for tonights dinner.

What am I doing, you ask? Well, I’m most likely weeping because whilst it may be 11am in the UK it’s 5am in New York and I’ve probably been awake for several hours. I doubt your able to muster much sympathy for me because let’s face it, I’m on the trip of a lifetime but I do like a good moan nonetheless.

Today I’m sharing the first of a handful of guest posts with you. This gem is by my devilishly funny friend Laura of Life With Baby Kicks. Laura is a seasoned traveller and expat mama so she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to flying with kids.




So you’re headed on a long haul flight with your little one who is too big to want to sleep all flight and too little to plug in.  You need to be on the ball, you need to be prepared, heck you just need to survive the next few hours to get this holiday started.  Before you hit on the airline wine, what should you be putting in your hand luggage for that little person in your life?

First things first, choose your bag wisely.  I’ve recently changed my change bag from a pink lining to a more practical and very beautiful Babymule back pack.  Much easier to cart around on the plane and fill with things for the babe and bits for me (who am I kidding with a book, that thing has been on every flight since the Big One was born)

I’ve talked about my seven top toys for toddler travellers including the controversial playdoh in the sky and I’ve touched on some long haul travel tips before but exactly what should you pack in your carry on bag?


Children under 2 are often not allocated a meal, and if they are it’s puree.  I don’t know about you but that would be hurled at my head.  Pack some easy snack, oaty bars, chopped up cucumber in a sandwich bag, crackers, dried fruit.  And then pack a couple extra because you know, better to be over prepared than underprepared!


People scoff, and yes you shouldn’t bring books for YOU to read, but by bringing a favourite bedtime story you can often help to relax and calm down your little one by bringing some bedtime routine to the plane.


For you as well as them.  Did I ever tell you about the time the Baby vomited cheese on me?   And I didn’t have a spare top?  And my cardigan didn’t button all the way up to cover my bra….


I work on a one per hour need, gives me more than enough for any unexpected sharts from that plane pressure that makes everyone fart more.  DO NOT DENY IT!


But not many and go small.  Go with ones they aren’t normally allowed, they give you more mileage, we particularly like little tiny cat toys…


Teething and temperatures often happen in the sky.  I travelled back from London to Dubai with my biggest when he was 20 months old burning up.  Stripped to just a t-shirt and nappy a dose of Calpol meant he was right as rain. It also meant that I had the air stewardess help me with taking temperatures and filling in a sky health report which kind of scared me, but all good.

At some point there will be tears, possibly from all of you.  Try and make sure that there is also wine.  And remember – it’s only the journey the holiday is (normally) always worth it….

Thank you so much to Laura for sharing these genuinely great tips today! I made sure to follow her advice to the letter so hopefully my flight with Lu went well… I daresay I’ll update you all on that soon! If you’d like to follow Lauras adventures in the Middle East then do be sure to check out her blog and social channels – Facebook // Instagram // Twitter