I don’t know about you but I’m trying to save as much money as possible this Christmas without compromising on having a good time. I’ve partnered with The Works to make this guide to toddler stocking fillers. I’ve chosen 8 items that are all under £10 and are, hopefully, quite engaging.

Luisa really doesn’t need a tonne of stuff especially anything bulky. I’ve tried to pick out presents for her where everything does something, so no stuffed animals or very repetitive toys.

Now that she’s getting older she definitely needs things that are a bit more stimulating or can be played with in an imaginative way. I’ll be sharing her Christmas gifts in a blog post of video really soon so keep an eye on social media if that’s something you’d like to see. I think activity books and colouring in are going to be a great option for her this year both over Christmas Day and whilst travelling to New York next month.




toddler stocking fillers


Santas Little Helpers Chocolates – 75p 

Now I know chocolate isn’t the best way to start the day but I figured a little bit would be a blessing in disguise. We can say this is hers, it’s her limit, step away Nannie(s)


Christmas Sticker Activity Book – £1

Hopefully Luisa will enjoy playing with stickers, she’s never tried them before but I think it’ll be a good option to keep her happy during the lulls you tend to get on Christmas Day. If they’re a hit we’ll certainly bring some along to the airport and pray she still likes them!


Peppa Pig Tea Set – £10

Okay so you’ll need a pretty big stocking to fit this in but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty nifty for a tenner. Luisa does to play pretend especially by replicating grownups so I’m looking forward to many imaginary cups of tea.


Chunky Crayons – £1

Just a cute little cheap that but you can’t really go wrong with chunky crayons can you?


Reindeer Puppet – £2

This kind of thing is right up Lu’s street. Similar to the stickers it will hold her attention at the dinner table on Christmas Day and hopefully on a rather long flight!


Set of Ladybird ‘Who’s That?’ Books – £7

Now this is a bargain, I mean four books for £7. I love these kinds of books for Luisa because she always surprises me with how many objects she can recognise and point out to me. It’s also a great opportunity to practice some new words.


Musical bells – £2

These will probably be left behind at some poor grandparents house, accidentally of course, but i’ll tolerate them for a few days as Lulabelle does love music.


So there you have it, 8 toddler stocking fillers all under a tenner. Most of them are hopefully going to serve double duty and keep Luisa entertained on the flight to New York. I actually have a cracker guest post coming from seasoned traveller Laura of Life With Baby Kicks that deals with the subject of entertaining kids on a flight so stay tuned for that gem.