I’m so glad I started joining in with Little Loves last week because I’ve really enjoyed reading more of these posts from fellow bloggers. It’s so nice to have a little catch up and see what everyone has been doing over the past week. Without further ado here’s my Little Loves from the past week.



As per last week I simply do not have the time to read a proper book – one day! Here’s a little visual of three of my favourite blog posts I’ve read in this past week.







It’s been a busy week for work which means a slow week for TV! We haven’t seen any decent films but did make time for our TV show of the moment – Ballers.



Still on that Taking Back Sunday album! Matt actually surprised me with tickets to see them in February which I am beyond excited about.

Other than that can I be really cheesy and say my favourite sound this week has been crunching leaves? Don’t shoot. Lu and I have been out for a walk with the pup most days and the autumnal vibes are making me feel all cosy and happy. We usually head to our favourite posh area about 15 minutes walk through some leafy streets. Of course stopping in at Cafe Nero or Clements is absolutely essential…





My lovely friend and life advisor Jade of Raising The Rings¬†always has great recipe advice to share in our little whatsapp group. This week she recommended Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya which I made sans chicken (I’m going through a phase!) It was delicious and I’ll certainly make it again soon. Thanks Jadey!




This has been kind of a busy week so I have basically no pictures of myself to show you any of my outfits. I’m actually terrible at remembering to ‘get in the picture’ – pretty much all of the photos taken of me this past year are snapchat selfies! One thing I’ve worn a few times is this cool olive jacket, it’s actually reversible and paisley patterned on the other side which I love.





The highlight of the past week was definitely the #MotherhoodAlive Instagram meet up <3 I had a brilliant time meeting fellow instamummies and exploring the city. We took a walk around some the back streets looking for unusual photo ops armed with confetti and toddlers. It was certainly refreshing to spend time with people who understand just how many angles are required to get ‘the shot’.