I don’t know about you but as Luisa gets older I find myself spending an increasing amount of time retrieving discarded cups, mopping up spills, fetching a new drink and the cycle repeats. If you’ve read any of my posts on weaning or Lu’s monthly updates you’ll know she’s always been really independent. Her… ‘spirited’ streak hasn’t dulled in the slightest and she’s not a fan of help when it comes to eating or drinking.


anywayup cup


Recently we’ve been using the Haberman 360 anywayup cup with great results. As the name suggests it’s designed to be completely non spill and baby can sip from any point. This is a fab feature as not having to look for a spout reduces frustration & encourages independence. I love the fact that the cup is designed to teach baby to sip rather than suck as this is much better for their teeth and development.


anywayup cup


We’ve been using the toddler version but there are other styles of beaker available for older children. The cups also come in a range of colours and designs. You can see more examples on the Haberman site.


When Lu was younger we used a baby cup but as she’s started to get even more boisterous and increase the volume she’s drinking it just wasn’t cutting it. The 360 anywayup cup holds 210ml so is perfect for her now as she approaches toddlerhood.


anywayup cup


The 360 anywayup cup is really easy to clean with directions embossed inside incase you forget how to take it apart. There are no hidden parts so you don’t need to worry about nasty mould.  Another feature I like it that the handles are removable so it can transition to a beaker when your child is older.


anywayup cup


Here’s come more of the pertinent info about the 360 anywayup cup from Haberman themselves:

  • Age: 18 months +
  • 250 ml capacity
  • Colours: blue, green, red
  • BPA free
  • Leak proof
  • Dishwasher safe 65⁰ top rack
  • Microwave safe (without lid)




The cup is recommended for use from 18 months but Luisa has been using it for a few weeks now and hasn’t had any problems. She does need as little support to get started but quickly takes over. I think a big part of what helped her to figure the whole thing out so quickly is her inquisitive nature. Babies love to learn and relish any opportunity to be more like you.


anywayup cup luisa 1


To be honest I feel like there’s not a lot more I can say. The 360 anywayup cup is really practical, encourages independence and Luisa loves it. Thumbs up all round from me!


You can buy a haberman 360 anywayup cup for £5.95 from Amazon, Boots, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Morrisions… the list goes on! If you’d like to get your hands on one for free enter my giveaway below. I have two 360 anyway cups to give away.


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