As you probably know Luisa is just over 13 months old now and she’s becoming real little person. Her personality is shining through, she’s learning to communicate and getting more active everyday. She’s been keen to get on the move since she was about 9 months old but didn’t really make any progress until around 11 months when she developed a funny pseudo crawl. It’s still more of a scoot but boy is she fast!

At around 12 months Lu started to pull herself up on furniture and would stand for a while holding on. I though she would start walking quite quickly after this but so far she prefers to scoot around on her bum.




It’s funny because I can feel that her core is getting stronger everyday and her balance is really good. But once she notices you’ve left go of her hand she gets anxious and sits down again. We’re not rushing her into walking and will just keep encouraging her when she chooses to stand, letting her set the pace.



Standing up with Daddy, enjoying share of his milkshake during our Father’s Day lunch.

Despite not being a walker yet Lu has an uncanny ability to get into virtually anything. She can move across the room in the blink of an eye and climb over any obstacle in her way. Once of her favourite ways to get around is on top of her ride on truck which she learnt to drive in about 15 minutes. That girl has more smarts than me!



Cheeky chops learning to climb the stairs!!


One big change I noticed when Lu started moving around independently was that her appetite increased. She is still breastfed but enjoys 2/3 meals a day and lots of snacks as well. Once her appetite for solids increased I started to become more mindful of what exactly she was eating. It’s actually a bit stressful sometimes as I do worry that I could accidentally miss out an important food group or nutrient.

By far the best part about being on the HiPP Organic Wean Team is that we get lots of updates and info from their nutritionist. Here’s a handy visual with loads of info about nutrition for a baby on the move.




Luisa’s favourite food to eat right now are blueberries, chicken, cheese, pasta and noodles. She has a pretty advanced palette in my opinion preferring stronger flavours and rejecting anything too bland or smooth. I’m really happy that she accepts a wide rang of food as it makes eating out really straight forward. I just have to be willing to share!



A typical snack for Luisa


I make most of her meals myself, generally giving her the same as me but omitting added salt or anything that’s obviously not healthy. Whenever I’m tight for time or on the go the pouches and jars from HiPP come in really handy. All HiPP Organic baby foods are made with the finest organic ingredients which are tested for up to 1,200 different pollutants, prior to being accepted for use in the production process. As a result, only flawless organic ingredients are used in HiPP’s products providing the best possible quality food for all babies & young children.




Luisa has recently been trying some of their toddler (sob) meal trays which she’s getting on really well with. These are a great option whenever I’m having a meal that won’t suit her as I know that a) they have interesting tastes and textures and b) I can be confident that they’re nutritionally balanced.

If you’ve got any queries about nutrition for a growing baby you can head to the HiPP website and read some more of their advice or try out the meal planning tool.