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My youngest brother is currently in the first year of his GCSE’s. My mum has asked me a few times to see if I can give him a hand with revising. I’m not sure i’m entirely qualified to help him mind you as my style was very much procrastinate and panic. I’m no tutor but I wanted to find a way to help my brother out and also get my Mum off my case. A good friend recently spoke about Education Quizzes and how they were helpful for her teen so I thought this sounded like something that could help us too.


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The quizzes are written by teachers and so are firmly grounded within the current curriculum. They have options in a wide range of subjects from KS1 right up to GCSE level.


As I said my brother is doing his GCSEs so I had a look at the quizzes available that would suit him. I think the concept is really interesting, the quizzes are short 10 question activities designed to keep the student really focussed. I don’t know about you but a lot of my memories of revising involve staring into space trying to remember what I’d just spent the last hour reading.


Within each subject there are a range of specific categories. For example within GCSE Maths there are 60 different quizzes with some of the more complex categories having multiple quizzes. I had a go at a few myself and boy do I need to brush up on my skills…


education quizzes


Another thing I think is really helpful is that when you make a mistake the full answer is shown, including workings, so you can see exactly where you went wrong. I’m still kicking myself for that rookie mistake!




A subscription to Education Quizzes cost £7.50 a month and can be cancelled at any time. I personally think this is really good value for money considering the amount of content. In my brothers case he’s sitting 5 GCSE’s this year so that £7.50 will mean he can have access to over 200 short quizzes to kickstart his revision. If it’s a little out of budget you can always just take the subscription on for a few months over exam time.


A much better outcome for everyone would be to lobby your child’s school to sign up to the service. They can get a different rate depending on the number of students at a school. This means it is possible for them to sign-up students to Education Quizzes for £2.00 per year. Considering a school recieves £4,500 of funding for each student I’m sure you can convince them this is a good investment. In my opinion anything that promotes engaged learning at home and gets parents involved is a worthwhile use of budget.


For more info on Education Quizzes head to their website where you can see samples and read testimonials.


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