I’d like to think we can all agree that breastmilk is the absolute best form of nutrition for a human child. Of course breastfeeding isn’t always right for every woman or child but that’s really irrelevant to my post. Just wanted to put it out there from the off.


Most articles and books I’ve read that list reasons to breastfeed focus on the documented health benefits for both mother and baby. That’s great and all but let me tell you it’s bloody hard work! Even on the most straightforward journeys there are moments when that big box of formula in the supermarket looks mighty tempting. What you might not realise is that there are a few fabulously selfish reasons to breastfeed, at least in my opinion.


7 totally selfish reasons to breastfeed pin
  1. You can keep eating like a buffalo, like you did during pregnancy. That constant stream of snacks you’re devouring is totally justified Mama!
  2. (usually) No period. Enough said.
  3. Being spontaneous is a lot easier when you don’t need 6 bottles, half a tub of formula, two flasks of water, sterilising tablets and a perfect prep in the boot of your car.
  4. Anytime you don’t want to do something, like clean or cook, you can whip out a tit and feed the baby. Feet up, phone out, reeelax.
  5. Similarly, you can ask just about anyone to fetch you a drink or snack and they will oblige.
  6. You can’t forget your boobs! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone out without a spare vest or enough bibs or nappies but Luisa never has to go hungry.
  7. If you need a sit down when you’re out and about 99% of humans will shift it when you ask if they mind budging up so you can feed the baby.


So if you’re a breastfeeding Mama, or you’d like to be, revel in the selfish reasons to breastfeed. You deserve every perk 😉