As I said in a recent post I took it upon myself to make Luisa’s first birthday cake. If you follow me on social media at all you might have seen that my baking journey was a bit of rollercoaster but we got there in the end.

If you’re a baking novice like me I can’t say I’d advise making a birthday cake especially not a first birthday cake! Honestly it would have been easier and more enjoyable to buy a plain cake and decorate it myself. There’s a good reason that cake making is an actual job.


Anyway I thought I’d pop on and share how I made the cake and a few tips I picked up along the way. The recipe I use was adapted from Gym Bunny Mummy’s go to sponge. I modified the quantities to make a 3 layer cake.


Recipe for Luisa's first birthday cake


As I said my cake didn’t exactly go to plan despite the fact that I had a trial run. Basically what happened is when I started to do the buttercream around the sides my cake went insane. There was jam splurging out everywhere mixing with my buttercream. It was after midnight on Saturday and my cake looked like a horror film. The buttercream wouldn’t stick, the jam was dripping I was sweating – it was a disaster. So I did the logical thing. Matt and I whipped up more buttercream, grab the cake and plastered it together, willing the layers to stay in some sort of cakey formation.

Once it was all kind of covered we had to do something about the mottled pink sides. Thankfully I had an abundance of sprinkles in the cupboard so we just started throwing them at the sides of the cake. I have no insider tips for this part, just fling and hope! Once that was done I took some edible gold spray and jazzed up the top of the cake.

The whole thing went in the fridge overnight and I had a large gin.

first birthday cake gold rainbow sprinkle


The next morning I was too concerned about other aspects of the party to give a shit about the cake, frankly. It would have to do!

Thankfully everyone reassured me that it looked okay and, more importantly it based brilliant. It didn’t collapse when we sliced it and there wasn’t a crumb left.


first birthday cake candle blow


first birthday cake party table buffet