As you probably know Luisa is breastfed & despite my best efforts has always refused a bottle. As weaning progressed she started to actually eat much more in one sitting, as opposed to just have a little taste and then play with her food. When she was around 9 months I started to think she could do with some water or juice alongside her little meals. I already had an array of cups and beakers in the cupboard so I started trying her out with them. 

The first beaker we tried was the standard free flow handled cup. We picked up the basic Tommie Tippie one from Aldi but every brand had their own in the same style.


Initially Luisa drank a little but mostly hurled the cup across the room. It’s pretty solid so being cracked across the knuckles is far from pleasant! 

The second cup I tried was also from Tommie Tippie. Luisa couldn’t get to grips with it at all. I think the problem was that she’d never taken to a bottle or dummy so didn’t have the required sucking action in her repertoire.


Next I moved on to something completely different. We started using a combination of normal adult plastic cups & glasses, shot glasses & a babycup. Basically anything with an open top that was clean! I think it goes without saying that when a plastic receptacle wasn’t available I only used glassware made from strong, thick glass and under close supervision. 

This way of drinking was an overnight success. Luisa was able to see the water coming and learnt very quickly not to be over zealous! I think being able to see the liquid helped her to learn about the angles required and she quickly figured out how to move her neck to control the flow.

Another bonus of using a normal cup/glass is that you need less kit in your bag. I prefer to use a babycup as they are small and safe but if I forget it I can comfortably offer Lu any glass or cup in someone else’s house or a restaurant. As she was around 10 months when we started doing this there was no need to worry about sterilising.


As our holiday was approaching we made loads more effort to get Luisa used to drinking water so that she could stay hydrated in the heat. It really paid off and she happily accepted water from either her babycup or straight from a water bottle – thought the latter was a bit messy.

Whilst we were away we also experimented with letting Luisa be totally independent with her cup. As you can imagine this resulted in a few soakings but given that it was so warm it didn’t matter. I’m going to keep giving her more opportunities to drink independently and I’m sure she will have mastered it in the next week or so. Babies really are such fast learners, it’s amazing!