I was tagged by the beautiful Eilidh from Mummy & Monkeys to take part in the ‘5 Things Body Confidence Challenge’ You can have a read of Eilidh’s post here.

The idea behind this body confidence challenge is that you find 5 things you like about yourself, focussing on the positive, rather that running yourself down every time you pass a reflective surface.

Now I’ll admit I haven’t really enjoyed this task so far but I think that highlights the importance of it! The first issue I ran into was the obvious one, most of the thoughts that go through my mind whilst standing infant of the mirror are negative ones. The second problem I’ve had is that when I do find something I like I worry that I’ll sound conceited or superficial. Catch 22!


5 things body confidence challenge


Anyway I’m ploughing through and making my list regardless, here are 5 things I appreciate about myself:

  • My eyes are bright, they’re blue & Luisa has just the same ones.
  • My hair. I’ve spent an age shoving it up and ignoring it but I’ve just had it cut & we are friends again.
  • My back might be sore and tired but it’s still fit to lug Luisa around so I’m grateful for that.
  • My nose. I like it’s shape & that Luisa has one just like mine.
  • I have a sprinkling of freckles across my arms and a few on my legs. I love the way the come out in the summer and that I’m getting more as I get older. I think they make me unique.



I hope you enjoyed this post, it was difficult to put together but worthwhile I think. If you’d like to take you don’t need to wait to be tagged – just go for it. Make sure to drop Eilidh a tweet (@mummyandmonkeys) as she’d love to read your list & include your post in her roundup.


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