I know everyone says this but time really is getting away from me. Luisa’s first birthday is not far away and she’s changing so much everyday, here’s her 9/10 month update. If you’d like to look back at her 8 month update┬áfeel free ­čÖé


Vital Statistics

As before I still don’t know what she actually weighs. We’ve not seen a health visitor yet since moving home but she’s happy and growing so I’m not concerned. L has to see the nurse for another Meningitis B injection in a week or so and I’ll have them weigh her then to satisfy my curiosity.

As ever she’s still a little smaller than the shops seem to think she should be just moving into size 9-12 month clothes recently. That being said all the brands are different, she actually has a Little Bird t shirt that’s size 12-18.

9 month update


Lu is still generally having two naps a day but she sometimes resists the afternoon one. We have real trouble keeping her in a happy routine hen we’re out and about as she is so nosy and doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. If you’d like to read about our daily routine in more detail you can visit Kat @ Eat Love Live┬áto┬áread our ‘day in the life’

As far as sleeping through the night goes that’s still not happening but I’m not finding it too tough to be honest. Once L has gone to bed around 7 it’s very rare that she’d waken before 1 and then she goes down again easily until about 6 when she needs another feed to get her through to 9. I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually a full nappy that’s waking her up so we’re going to be trying out some cloth nappies that promise more absorption – I’ll let you know if that improves her sleep.

9 month update baby milestone


We’re plodding along nicely with weaning. Lu has a great appetite and loves to join in family meal times. I’ve written a lot about weaning recently including a more detailed update and a recipe for frozen fruit pops. The main struggle I’m having in the weaning department is remembering to have lots of healthy snacks with us when we go out. Whenever we stop somewhere for coffee or a meal Lu absolutely has to join in and if I don’t have something baby friendly that means she’ll be eating from the menu which is often full of salt and hidden sugar.



Luisa didn’t start to crawl during her 9th month and we’re now halfway through month 10 with no big changes. She does twist and rotate and get into a crawling position but has yet to take off. I’m starting to think she will just walk as she loves to stand up with support or holding on to something. She care actually stand for a little unaided but it makes me anxious so I’m always hovering.

She is getting more vocal and social by the day, she loves to be involved in conversations and befriends people wherever we go. She’s really such a sweet and friendly baby convincing even the grumpiest looking passengers on the bus to play with her.

Lately she’s started pointing to communicate as opposed to just pointing at everything. If someone is walking past (like a waitress) or there’s a dog in the street she’ll point and track their movement making lots of sounds to let me know that something is going on. I love encouraging this by acknowledging her and explaining who or what she’s showing me.

In terms of that clingy phase we’ve been anticipating┬áshe has started to show a few signs of that kind of behaviour. If there are a lot of new faces or too much attention focussed on her she gets a bit tearful is she can’t be beside Matt or myself. It doesn’t take her long to warm up mind you so it’s not a problem at all.

real mum 4


Luisa still loves the bath and has more bath toys than I care to admit! If it’s a slow week with rubbish weather I’ll sometimes bath fer 3 or 4 times just for fun. In a similar vein we’re waiting for her swimming gear to arrive so that I can take her to the local pool a few times myself before our holiday at the end of April. I’m hoping to start formal lessons over the summer too but I just want to get her acclimatised to the pool before our trip.

Lu is a major book worm which I’m really glad about! I always hoped she’d take after me in this respect and it seems like she’s going to be a ‘one more story please’ kind of gal. Her library is expanding rapidly and we’re trying to decide the best way to store all her little books. My Mum made her an amazing teepee for Easter featuring some fabulous Quentin Blake illustrations from Matilda. We’re going to use it as a little reading nook – look out for a full tutorial from my talented mama coming soon!