As I said in my Easter gift guide we’ll not be buying Luisa an Easter egg this year. Instead I’ve bought her some books and little toys and we’ve been working with OXO Tot to make some healthy Easter treats.

Luisa is teething really badly at the minute in fact I’m sure she’s going to wake up with about 4 teeth any day now. With that in mind I decided to use the baby food freezer tray that OXO Tot sent us to make some ice lollies. The tray has 14 sections and is ideal for storing leftover baby food or home-made purée. It’s BPA free, dishwasher safe and has a lid which stops food odours from transferring and means you can stack the trays if you’re a seriously organised parent!


Healthy Easter Treats for Baby - Fruit pops using the OXO Tot freezer tray

I bought some food safe wooden sticks and cake pop sticks to use as handles. I found that the more traditional wooden sticks worked better as they were easier for Luisa to grip. Of course, as with any food, you would supervise baby at all times in case they decide the stick would be better off in their eye!

The method is basically the same no matter what flavour of lolly you’re making. You fill up the tray and wrap the whole thing in cling film before poking your handle of choice into the centre of each mould. They will take about 3 hours to freeze solid and the cling film will keep the handle upright whilst they set.

fruit pops


Once the lollies are set you can remove them from the tray and store them in a zip-lock bag so you can use the tray for something else.


I made three different kinds of lolly for Luisa to try out over the course of  a few days. I wanted to offer her a range of flavours and experiment with different textures to see which combinations worked best. The first one I made was a mixture of puréed mango and banana. I gave Luisa one for breakfast on Saturday morning, she seemed to really like enjoy it and the funny faces she pulled kept me amused. At first she was a bit shocked by how cold it was but once she tasted the sweet fruit she got down to business.

Healthy Easter Treats for Baby - Fruit pops using the OXO Tot freezer tray

For the second recipe I used raspberry yoghurt and finely chopped strawberries. This recipe took a little more assembly layering up the strawberries and yoghurt but I think Luisa really enjoyed the texture that the little bits of strawberry gave.

My favourite of the three was definitely the pear and avocado lolly! It’s creamy and refreshing but not too sweet.

lolly eat

I really enjoyed making these little lollies for Luisa and using the freezer tray from OXO tot made things really simple. Because each mould is small you don’t have  a lot of wastage and it really takes no time to whizz these up – you can even use leftover fruit. They will certainly come in handy over the next few months to help relieve a bit of teething pain and if we have a hot summer it will be great to have some to hand.


I also tried my hand at making a few more healthy Easter treats. I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and I think I did a pretty good job. As Matt is off work for the bank holiday weekend we decided to have a little indoor picnic which was a lot of fun – albeit rather messy. Luisa seemed to think it was hilarious having lunch on the floor with both of us but she actually ate quite a lot. I think she always does better when one or both of us is eating at the same time as her.


This was pretty fiddly and probably better suited to a toddler who can appreciate the effort a little more! That being said I actually had fun cutting up all the fruits and arranging them for Luisa so whilst my presentation won’t be to this standard every day it is nice to make an effort sometimes.


We all had a lot of fun putting together these healthy Easter treats with help from OXO Tot. If you’ve a baby or toddler who could benefit from some nifty dinnerware then be sure to check out their range here. My top picks, other than the freezer tray, are the divided plate and the on-the-go feeding spoons.