As you’ll know if you’ve been following along with L’s weaning journey we’re lucky to be working with HiPP Organic. The best thing about the partnership is that their nutritionist Helen is always on hand to give me lots of tips and advice. One of the important things I learned about weaning is that it’s really important to expose your baby to a wide range of both sweet & savoury flavours as early as possible. If you can give them the opportunity to try lots of different flavours at a young age they are more likely to accept them and not have a selective palette later in life.

Weaning - It's really important to introduce both sweet & savoury flavours from a young age to help your baby develop a rounded palette

I tried really hard from day 1 to offer Luisa a broad range of tastes and textures and avoid anything too sweet or processed. The easiest way for me to do this was offer her fingers food that are mainly savoury such as vegetables and rice cakes alongside the jars and pouches from HiPP Organic. The good thing about the HiPP organic range is that even the fruit based products are as healthy as possible – they let the fruits ripen and wait to harvest them when they are as plump and sweet as possible so that the end product has a great flavour without needing to add any extra sugars.


I definitely think that offering a wide variety of sweet & savoury foods has paid off as Luisa generally accepts new flavours well – although sometimes it take a few tries before she makes her mind up! It might not look like she enjoyed that avocado but it’s gone on to become one of her favourites.


Sweet & Savoury - The moment we tried avocado

The moment we tried avocado.


Initially Luisa didn’t display a strong preference for sweet over savoury which I was really happy about given that I have a terrible sweet tooth. As time has gone on, however, she has started to show signs of becoming a mini chocoholic. Uhoh! We’re being super strict with ourselves now and not offering her ‘little treats’ any more although I’m sure the same can’t be said for her grandparents 😉

Sweet & Savoury flavours - poor luisa isn't convinced!

The moment we tried parsnip.

Probably the most unexpected reaction we ever got was the first time Luisa tried yogurt. She really didn’t like it at all and I offered some on other occasions and kept getting rejected. This week we tried out  a breakfast jar from HiPP which has a layer of yogurt and a layer of strawberries & apples mixed with cereal. She really enjoyed it so hopefully this is something she’ll continue to love and will be a great way to boost her calcium intake as weaning progresses.

The moment we tried vegetable lasagne

As you can see L is super independent and doesn’t really like to be fed. I generally load them up for her and guide the spoon in the right direction although she usually ends up eating everything with her hands. Sometimes you just have to embrace the mess!


All in I’m really happy with how Luisa is getting on with weaning. We’ll keep focussing on mainly offering savoury foods but keeping as much as variety as possible. With a bit of perseverance and luck she’ll grow to be a real little foodie.


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