Now that Luisa is 9 months old she is officially in the fussiest, most frustrating, challenging, entertaining and downright loveable phase of her little life. One of the most difficult parts about the inquisitiveness that comes at this age is that she’s forever distracted when nursing.

I spend 30-45 minutes 3x a day in the dark trying to feed her & put her down for a nap whilst she’s scrabbing, chatting, poking, laughing, crying, nipping, poking, biting. I know it’s just a phase, her little mind is expanding and she’s learning blah blah blah. When you’re in the trenches with a baby who’s constantly distracted when nursing and has no concept of the pain she can inflict it feels like each day will never end.

15 reasons why my baby has been distracted when nursing

I’m trying to dilute my despair with a little humor so here is a list of 15 things that have distracted Luisa from nursing (and therefore stopped her from falling asleep)

NB this list only contains distractions that have been an issue over the last 3 days. Buckle up.

  1. A crumb on the arm of the chair
  2. Pigeons on the roof
  3. Buttons on my cardigan
  4. A tiny sliver of light from under the door
  5. Her own toes
  6. A strand of hair
  7. The compulsion to play with a loose thread on my t-shirt
  8. Practicing saying DADA
  9. Checking to see how many teeth I have
  10. The realisiation that I’m trying to put her to sleep
  11. The sound of the Xbox turning on downstairs
  12. A pile of folded laundry that’s begging to be climbed on
  13. Checking to see if she has any teeth yet
  14. A fart
  15. A potential solution to the crisis in the Middle East (She wasn’t onto much, I checked)


distracted when nursing if a tree falls

The most important discovery I’ve made recently answers an age old question… If a tree falls in the forest and there is a baby who’s supposed to be nursing within 100 miles…they heard it.


Luisa is lucky she didn’t start this crap before I wrote her 8 month update and waxed lyrical about how fabulous she is. From now on her updates will only be to let you know whether I’ve managed to rehome her yet.


15 reasons why my baby has been distracted when nursing


If you’ve been there done that enjoy your smug reminiscing. If your baby is still to enter this haenous stage, good luck!