Edible play dough is a brilliant way to have hands on sensory play with a baby who loves to put everything in their mouth!


A few days ago I was struggling for ideas for things to do with Luisa in the house during the afternoon – there are only so many times I can read the same books or roll a ball back and forward! I was really keen to try some baby sensory activities as I love the idea of messy play and I thought she would too – given that she’s obsessed with textures at the minute.

The problem was I needed an activity that she could put in her mouth without breaking it or making herself sick. I decided to make some edible play dough for her to make a mess with and enjoy the sticky texture. It only took about 5 minutes to make and I laid it out on a tray with some crunchy cornflakes and cold blueberries for her to explore.


edible play dough


I have two recipes that I’ve tried, the first contains peanut butter so as a word of warning if you’re concerned about allergies maybe avoid it. We don’t have a family history of food allergies and I’ve eaten nuts and nut butters throughout pregnancy and continue to now whilst I’m breastfeeding. For that reason I was pretty confident Luisa wouldn’t have a problem, nevertheless I was sure to keep my phone close by just incase.

Both recipes are extremely sweet so they are fine for occasional use with a baby who will do more squishing than eating. A clever toddler will catch on pretty quick and scoff the lot!


Edible Play Dough – Peanut Butter Based

Take 3 marshmallows and put them in a microwave safe bowl with about 3tsp of smooth peanut butter. Heat them in the micro for about 30 seconds and then mix them together thoroughly. If they’re not melted enough to combine smoothly you can just pop them back in for another 10 seconds and check again.

Once the peanut butter and marshmallows are combined the dough will be very sticky. This is when you add icing sugar to take away that stickiness. I just kept sprinkling a little in and mixing – repeat this until you get the desired consistency.

At this point you can go ahead and use the edible play dough right away but it will be even better if you pop it in the fridge for a bit as it’ll firm up more.


Edible play dough


Edible Play Dough – Nut Free

Again you’ll be working with marshmallows here – take 3 and put them in a bowl with 1TBSP of olive or coconut oil. Melt them in the microwave as before and once they’re a smooth consistency add 3TBSPs of cocoa powder (I’m pretty confident you could substitute this for coconut flour) Mix well and as before add icing sugar to take away the stickiness as required.

In both recipes if the child is over 1 you can substitute the marshmallows for honey.


luisa edible play dough


As you can see Luisa had a lot of fun exploring the different textures and tastes that the blueberries, corn flakes and edible play dough had. This activity filled a dull half hour and I’ll definately do a version of it again.


luisa edible play dough texture