There’s really no end to the list of things you worry about as a parent & no matter how many gadgets or years experience you have I don’t think that really changes. The main time I used to worry about Luisa, particularly in the early days, was when she was asleep. Is she too hot? Too cold? Has she rolled over? Is the blanket on her face? Has she gotten her leg stuck out the crib bars again? These concerns tended to repeat on a loop in the evening and usually led to me creeping in to spy on Baby L – often disturbing her in the process!

When I was offered the chance to try out the Safebreathe Cot Wrap from Babybundle I happily accepted. Luisa always used to get her chubby arms and legs stuck through the bars of the cot and wake herself up which was far from ideal. The wrap is mesh so it’s breathable and won’t lead to overheating, the thing I really love is that the inner layer that lies close to baby’s skin is 100% cotton which makes it lovely and soft against little cheeks.

 The Safebreathe Cot Wrap is attached by strong velcro so it will stay in place without using any ties or ribbons that could be dangerous. You can use it on cots and cotbeds of different sizes which I think makes it a good gift for new parents – Even though baby may start out in a moses basket it’s not long before they’ll be transitioning to a crib or indeed a full-sized cot which they can look a bit lost in.

Luisa is currently still sleeping in her Hyde crib from Mothercare but she will soon be moving into a full-sized cot – we’ll definitely keep using the wrap as she has gotten so squirmy I think she’ll still make her way over to the bars in the night. Because the wrap is secured with Velcro you can adjust the fit to whatever size of crib or cot you have so the wrap will move with Luisa to the full sized cot without any issues.

Another things I really appreciate about the Safebreathe Cot Wrap is that it’s machine washable at 30 degrees. This seems like a no brainer to me but I’ve been amazed by how many soft baby toys and bits of bedding have complicated washing instructions or can’t even go in the machine at all.

If you’d like to grab one of these wraps just head to the Babybundle website where you’ll find them in 5 different colours for £29.99 or if you’re feeling lucky you can enter to win one using the rafflecopter below.
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