This Christmas a wonderful gang of breastfeeding bloggers are back to give you the chance to win some amazing prizes and hopefully entertain you with our seasonal musings. Read on for your chance to win 100s of pounds worth of goodies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of breastfeeding at Christmas. I need to plan an easy access outfit, work out our plans to fit with L’s feeding schedule, pump so I can enjoy a few too many on New Years Eve. The longer my mental list got the more I began to realise that being a breastfeeding mum is a lot like being Santa.

christmas breastfeeding

  • For a start, the big man has a sack full of presents that he has to lug around everywhere straining his poor back… I can certainly relate! For some great nursing bra advice have a look here


christmas santa breastfeeding

  • Santa and I have something else in common. My relentless appetite has lead to overindulgence in basically everything, including mince pies. As Luisa is almost 7 months old I’m straying out of ‘baby weight’ territory but I’m making like Kris Kringle and embracing it.



  • Papa Noel has to get round the whole world, up and down chimneys, past sleeping dogs and creepy stairs without making a single mistake in just 24hours. By the morning of the 25th I’m sure he’s thinking ‘Never again! It’s not worth the effort’ but he does it again every time. Just like you keep going through those long nights and cluster feeds – a smiling face every morning reminds me that it is all worth it.



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