Calm down, tongue firmly in cheek. I was recently some goodies from the lovely folks at Naked Noodle to review & share with you all. They even popped in some noodle pots from their rivals Itsu and Kabuto so we could have a show down.

naked noodle

kabuto noodleThe first pot I tried was the Kabuto Chicken Laksa which are egg noodles in a mild coconut and chilli sauce. Like all instant snacks you add boiling water to the fill line, wait a few minutes and enjoy. The packaging is good as its quite thick so you’ll not burn your hands in the name of lunch but I feel like the pot is too short in relation to how much water you need to add, It would be pretty easy to spill in transit from kettle to table/desk/bed. The sauce was really fragrant and tasty but the noodles didn’t really take on any of that flavour so they were a bit disappointing. 6/10   £1.50 – £2


naked noodle naked noodle naked noodle

I was sent three pots from Naked Noodle – Chow Mein, Laksa Curry and Hoi Sin, all of which are suitable for vegetarians. The Naked Noodle packaging is very good, it’s sturdy and there’s no risk of slop.

Matt actually had the Chow Mein noodles and he really enjoyed them. That’s about all the info I got. The Laksa Curry wasn’t as coconutty as the Kabuto version but the noodles were nicer so I preferred it overall. As for the Hoi Sin it was absolutely delicious, I’ve already gone and bought more. The sauce is really rich, sweet and dark – it really doesn’t seem like an instant noodle product. The only thing I would say is they don’t have a spoon inside which would be handy if you’re taking these to work or uni. 8/10    £1 – £1.20


itsu noodleThe Itsu noodle cup was a bit different in that they’re crystal noodles not egg noodles. This is good news for those of you with a gluten intolerance but misery for pretty much anyone else. I really did not like the crystal noodles at all. That being said the flavour of the sauce was very rich and fresh tasting – more complex than the other brands. The packaging is also fantastic in that it’s tall, has a lid and comes with a spork. 3/10    £1.50 – £2


The highlight of the whole noodley affair was definitely the stir fry kits from Naked Noodle. If you’ve read my meal plan posts chances are you know we eat a lot of quick veggie meals during the week – particularly stir frys. Naked Noodle sent me two of their kits – Teriyaki and Singapore Style. You basically boil some water in a wok and add the two sachets – one of noodles and one of the flavouring then simmer for around 4 minutes. You can throw whatever veg and/or meat you like in aswell but you should cook it separately first.

naked noodle stirfry kit naked noodle stirfry kit









These were a really quick and tasty midweek meal that was easy for me to make with Miss Luisa still hanging around past her bedtime (bold girl) Another plus is that they are really cheap at just £1.20. The pack serves two easily but you could stretch it further by adding more veg/ meat. The one thing I would say is that your wok needs to be non stick and if it’s a bit scratched like mine make sure you keep stirring those noodles like a mad thing or you’ll loose a few to the bottom of your pan.


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