Summer is slipping away and I’m starting to think about dark nights and cosy jumpers. That being said I couldn’t resist reflecting on our travels this year and wanted to share them with you before they are a distant memory.


In August this year we went on our first family holiday to Wicklow. The three of us flew to Belfast from Edinburgh & it was surprisingly easy! The staff at check in offered to put our little hand luggage cases in the hold which gave us both two free hands for Luisa. Better still – Edinburgh airport has a dedicated family lane in security.

After a quick visit to Matt’s parents we drove our hire car to Dublin airport to pick up my brother who was joining us from London. From there the plan was to drive on to Wicklow to meet the rest of the troops at our holiday home. This should have taken us around an hour and a half but the satnav was setup for scenic route (thanks Dad) so we spent almost four hours in the Wicklow mountains! It was a beautiful day so we just relaxed and went with it but my poor mum was having a nervous breakdown wondering what was keeping us. None of our phones worked in Ireland so we couldn’t call to reassure her.

wicklow mountains
We made it unscathed after a few wrong turns and spent the first evening catching up.


Most of the holiday was spent eating and admiring the scenery. It was a typical family holiday where we didn’t do a great deal other than spend time together which was exactly what we all needed. The cottage we hired was in a tiny village close to Aughrim. It was beautiful but extremely isolated. There was no wifi.

No wifi.

wicklow cottage 1
Once we got over it I actually think I preferred being cut off. Our family rarely have the opportunity to all be together and it meant we had more time for conversation and playing with the dogs. That being said every time we went to a bar or restaurant with wifi furious instaramming ensued!

wicklow lab
Here’s a picture heavy roundup of what we got up to.

The males amongst us went on a very successful sea fishing trip and brought back a mega haul of mackerel that was really delicious.

wicklow boat 1  wicklow catch
My mum and I did a lotttt of shopping. Mainly for Luisa! There were some fab charity shops in Arklow that I grabbed a lot of nearly-new baby bits in. We also found that lots of baby boutiques in Gorey had sales on so little miss got a lovely Levi’s t-shirt and some NameIt tops that were only a few euro!

One of the best things we did as a family was play my favourite game Time’s Up. It’s a charades type board game you play in teams. Trust me when I say it is beyond hilarious. In fact I think the creators may need a medal as my family made it to the end of this game more than once with no casualties. Any of you who have a family half as mad as mine will know that takes some doing!


Matt’s brother Philip and our friend Chase came to visit us Luisa and we went to Glendalough together – a beautiful lake and monastic site. The weather was utterly foul but there was a good hotel so we braved the rain after a hot lunch.


On the whole the holiday was fantastic and if you ever need a recommendation on where to eat in the area let me know as I think we visited just about every pub, cafe and restaurant in the county!

wicklow guinness