There is so much baby gear out there that I still find it all a bit daunting. Before Luisa was born I really didn’t know what would be a gimmick and what we’d really love. I can count on one hand the things Luisa has that I would not be without. Of course these really aren’t essentials, as I said in a previous post those are few and far between, I just highly recommend these items.
Without further ado – here is my holy grail baby gear.

Head support from JJ Cole Anyone who’s been to Edinburgh will know half the city is cobbled and the remainder is far from an even surface. Luisas little head bounced around in her pram from day 1, if she had teeth they would have chattered! My dad spotted this headrest in John Lewis and I pounced on it. We use it in her car seat now as well to keep her head upright.

There are two parts – the cream inner for use with newborns and the coloured outer for when they are bigger. The product was around £15 and well worth it to keep her safe and asleep on Edinburgh’s charming streets.

Swaddles from The Gro Company. I wasn’t sure if I’d get on with these so when I spotted two in a charity shop I picked them up to try out. Luisa loved being swaddled as a newborn, we used them everyday and I bought a few new ones. As she has gotten older she sleeps in a grobag but we still use them in the evenings when she tends to be fussy. I find being swaddled helps to calm her and let her go to sleep amidst all her fussing.

Pram book from Taf Toys This is a double-sided soft ‘book’ that can be used in the pram or crib under supervision. I bought this as id read good things about the high contrast images. We started using this when Luisa was only a few weeks old and she responded to it straight away. She loves the bold pictures and mirror. I’m really happy with the book because she’s really too young to ‘play’ but she is old enough to need something to entertain her. I’m sure we’ll use the bright side too when she’s a bit bigger.

If there’s anything you think we’d love especially now that she’s getting a little older let me know in the comments below 🙂