As I’m now 38 weeks into this pregnancy thought I had better get a wiggle on and update you on the last few weeks. I have a sneaky suspicion this may be my last update! yikes. (edit: I was right!)


A few things have changed since my last update. Sadly Matt has missed the deadline to qualify for Shared Parental Leave by 2 days. Part of the criteria to qualify states that you have to have been with your current employer for a certain length of time prior to the birth. This does seem grossly unfair to those who have recently changed jobs in my opinion. Particularly as Matt was with his previous company paying taxes full-time for 7 years. GRR

Thankfully his work are extremely accommodating and are working with him to find a combination of paternity, unpaid and annual leave that will work for everyone.


At my last midwife appointment there was some concern that baby may be breach, the midwife explained the options going forward regarding turning baby and the possibility of a c-section. I’ll be honest this was a really scary prospect but I did my best to ge ton with things and let go of what I couldn’t control. I tried out some pregnancy yoga as recommended by the Twittersphere and read up on what to expect. We were scheduled for a scan a few days later at 37+5.

To my great relief baby was head down fully engaged and looking cute as a button! There wasn’t a lot of room so the picture was a bit hard to interpret but we got a few glimpses of a little face and feet. Thankfully we didn’t see between the legs by accident!



Nothing new, heartburn has subsided now that baby has dropped down. Swelling is still an issue in hands and feet but it remains manageable.


Stretch Marks?

A few light silvery lines as before but nothing of note



I think I’m past being able to use pregnancy cravings as an excuse now but chocolate digestives are practically a food group!



Excited, nervous, shocked — all of the emotions!


I’ve now finished work and am getting the last things in order. The bags are finally packed if you can believe it!! We need to build the crib and sort out the changing station etc as it’s all a bit chaotic in the box room right now. Today I’m going to be cooking a few freezer meals to give us something quick and healthy to fall back on once baby is here.


I’m feeling so nervous and excited and very doubtful that we will see 40 weeks even though I was so sure baby would be late before. Watch this space!!