With only a few weeks left until our lives are turned upside down we’re almost ready, in a practical sense anyway. Just have a few more ‘bits’ to buy and a lot of rearranging to do. For anyone who’s interested here’s a visual of all the shite baby gear we’ve accumulated for the lovely new arrival.

A collage of the baby gear I have so far

We also have… too many clothes, nappies, wipes, miscellaneous linen, toiletries, shoes (?!) a chicco baby carrier, changing bag, teddies, books, changing mat, kitchen sink. The infant has really taken over!

If you’d like to know anything about the stuff pictured above, just shout. I’m happy to review any and all of it. I imagine a lot of what we’ve got will be useless and if so I’ll be back with a cautionary tale or two! EDIT here’s a post about the baby gear I really rate now that I have an actual baby

I’m off to fold baby clothes and smile at all the little buggers stuff like a lunatic…