Hi everyone, today I’m sharing a quick update on how I’ve added to my wardrobe over the past few months. The last time I wrote a maternity style post I was 16 weeks pregnant and in that difficult ‘is-she, isn’t-she?’ stage. You can read that here.

My staples consist of a few basics like some much-loved jeans from H&M that I wear probably 4/7 days a week *yikes* The ones I prefer are a skinny, jegging type, over the bump cut. The only criticism I have is that they are a little long for my stumpy legs.

mamajeansAnother gem from H&M (see what I did there?) is a 3/4 length sleeve plain top from their ‘Conscious Collection’ I have this in navy/white stripe and dark purple. This range is 91% organic cotton and so incredibly comfortable. They wash really well, to the point that they still look new despite being worn to death!

top3  top2maternity style h&m top

I’m still finding that I can wear the majority of  my ‘old’ wardrobe. As I mentioned before most skirts and dresses that are skater style will fit for a good while, possibly your whole pregnancy though they may get a bit short! I’m also still using the trick of having blouses unbuttoned under a fine knit jumper.

I’m also wearing a lot of the tops I used to but with a longer strappy top underneath so as not to flash any flesh. Jackets and accessories have also stood the test of time.

A lot of maternity clothes in places like Mothercare, JoJo Maman Bebe etc are extremely expensive so my advice is to make sure to try everything on and try to buy stuff you would wear anyway. That way you’ll feel happier and more comfortable as you won’t be changing into some kind of odd mummy-hybrid of your former self and so you’ll get the most out of pricier purchases.

My current maternity style struggle is with footwear. Finding shoes that are comfortable and stylish can be a bit difficult with swollen ankles. One thing I’ve done personally is embraced the trend for trainers with dresses. Not for everyone I know but I think it looks vaguely okay and it feels great!


One thing I’ve sadly noticed whilst writing this is that I have virtually no pictures of myself. Not that I have model ambition but I think it’s a bit sad that I haven’t documented my pregnancy with a new more snaps other than selfies. I will have to try to sort that out asap. Here are the few I could find!

maternity style collage

My next step along the road of maternity fashion is buying a few pieces that will transition into the postpartum period. For example I need a few nursing tops and I fancy treating myself to a summer dress and a few tops that will hide the pooch and make me feel a bit better about my post baby state. I’m sure I’ll blabber on about that when the time comes. Tick tock.