“baby has a tight wee bottom” – midwife extrordinaire, April 2015

I really do love my midwife. She might always be insanely late but she’s a lovely lady! This week I went for a checkup by myself as Matt had to work. The usual blood pressure and urine checks came back fine.

MW spent a bit of time checking babies position and really dug down into my pelvis which was not pleasant! Head is down but not engaged just bobbing around apparently.

This week has brought swelling of epic proportions – A result of third trimester fun and the hot weather we’ve been having. My feet are like two hams.

Otherwise I’m still feeling well, a little tired but nothing too drastic. I do have a rotten cold/ sore throat though which has just come on and I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself!

MW did say baby is measuring a little on the big side but I took to Twitter and have been reassured that this is a) not necessarily accurate and b) nothing to worry about. Thanks to all who replied ?

In other news this week I had the most divine Mexican made by the lovely Matt. It has been christened ‘Shredded Verde Chicken’ and I’m sure I could share the recipe, if you’re interested let me know 🙂

I’ve also been totally loving ohgeeitsbri’s YouTube channel. She’s had tonnes of uploads lately and you should swing by too. Bri is a young mum to a lovely little boy who vlogs family life and videos about organic foods, natural toys etc. All very interesting and lovely.

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