Hi Everyone,

Today I’m sharing some maternity style tips I’ve picked up – mostly through learning the hard way! It’s pretty easy to go on any website or into a shop and see tonnes of gorgeous outfits for a full bump but during that doughy first and early second trimester these items just don’t have the same effect.

I started having to use a hairtie to expand my skinny jeans around 10 weeks, at this point I also bought some cosy winter leggings that are very forgiving. I decided to pack away some of my tighter dresses and tops to be brought back when I have a gloriously full bump to flaunt. I’m certainly not about hiding away and concealing your figure but in the early days you often just look like you have a bit of a food baby going on. Raging hormones are enough to contend with nevermind feeling like a sausage that doesn’t fit in its skin every time you pass a mirrored surface.

Now that I’m almost 16 weeks along I’m making a few new purchases and finding ways to repurpose items I already have and love. My first brain wave came when I was in despair at not being able to wear any of my cute shirts and blouses anymore.

shirtsMy solution is to wear a nice fine-knit jumper with a round or v-neck over the top and simply leave the last few buttons open. You can still show off your cute collared shirt and no-one would know that you’re busting out of it. This is an inexpensive way to keep your style going throughout the first and second trimester. You probably already own a lot of these kinds of items.jumper2

jumper The second thing I did was purchase some maternity jeans. Whilst I don’t have a big round bump to fill out the stretchy band they are really comfortable and two of the pairs I own stay up without a belt. I highly recommend purchasing from asos.com or h&m as they seem to make maternity versions of whats currently in style as opposed to the boring plain ‘mom-wear’ that isn’t always to your taste. I think it’s really important to find a way to keep your look or style as it helps to avoid that frumpy feeling. I personally prefer the full over bump style of jean as I feel warmer and more secure but it’s down to personal preference.

I also found that I’m able to keep wearing the majority of my dresses which is great. Anything with a skater skirt, empire waist or that is fit and flare should last into your second trimester. I plan to switch tights for leggings when my dresses start to get a bit short thanks to an expanding bump.


Something I have considered getting is a pack of maternity staples. You can get these in a lot of places and they usually include longer vest tops, bump bands, leggings and camisoles. The tops in particular are great to wear under something you already own for a big more coverage between your existing t-shirts and your jeans. The pack below is from NewLook.


Once my bump is fuller I’m really looking forward to wearing more cute figure-hugging dresses and just normal things like fitted shirts to show off my growing baby.

Above all I think they key is to find comfort that retains your personal style and not to be afraid to embrace your new shape.