Throughout my first trimester I was very lucky not to experience any sickness. I did have some nausea but quickly realised it came on any time I got hungry and so began to eat constantly – mainly cheese.cheese_16x9I wouldn’t say I had/have a craving as such but I definetly do eat it daily and if I see it anywhere I get some. I could resist and pass on the dairy goodness but I don’t want to.

The main ‘symptom’ I experienced, and still am to a lesser degree, was tiredness. Total and utter exhaustion on a constant basis regardless of how long I slept each night. By and large I didn’t let it hold me back and pushed on through to get things done and enjoy myself but if it wasn’t for Matt picking up major slack I would not of made it! I think I’m beginning to have more energy now and I’m glad to be able to get to the end of a day without falling asleep on the sofa.

Like most pregnant women I still get asked on a regular basis if I’ve been sick and everyone is always surprised and happy to find out it’s been pretty plain sailing. Well, let me tell you… Pregnancy hormones can do a lot more than make you ill!

No one seems to know/ask about the pregnant person madness, the raging hormones, the crippling doubt at my ability to be a good partner or mother, the confidence knocks or nutty paranoia.

The biggest issue I had during the first 10-12 weeks was all in my head. 95% of the time I was happy as larry. But the rest was very very unsettling. This may sound cliché and ridiculous but it’s very hard to figure out who this new version of yourself is and how you are meant to socialse and get on with things when you’re always doubting your looks, your ability to fit in the same social circles and whether you will ever be yourself again.

I think these feelings are heightened by the fact that i have no-one around in a similar situation.

Thanks entirely to the passing of time and Matt’s unwavering support I do feel like I’m coming out the other side now and finding my feet with some trepidation.

A major turning point was when I got some maternity jeans that meant getting dressed wasn’t such a depressing nightmare. Matt also very thoughtfully suggested that we both pack away our ‘summer clothes’ and helped me include some things that just aren’t going to work for the next few months in my pile. Not being confronted with 5 or 6 outfits that just aren’t happening every morning is definitely a good thing!

maternity-jeans-collection-SUMMERI guess on the whole what I’m trying to say is I’m grateful I haven’t been ill and I’m certainly not trying to belittle the impact that morning sickness has on many women but I was wholly unprepared for the emotional side taking such a toll.