I’m now almost 14 weeks pregnant exactly and finally getting round to writing some blog posts. It feels like an age since I first found out I was pregnant, partly because I found out so early! I actually had a positive test two days before I had missed my period.

As soon as I found out I began punching little notes into my phone about how I was feeling to try and help me process the enormity of the situation. I think this really helped in the first few days as we had house guests so I couldn’t tell Matt as soon as I found out the news.

I actually took 5 different tests over 4 days and 4/5 were positive. I was shocked and in disbelief to say the least. Looking back at my fractured note taking has reminded me how much of a rollercoaster those first few days were.

Once I was able to tell Matt the whole cycle of fear, excitement, shock, worry and joy began again but this time there were two of us on the ride. I have to say having someone to share the experience with is invaluable as you can really lean on each other in times of doubt.

I don’t mean to dwell on the negative but I think that whatever your situation – whether you’ve been trying for a baby, aren’t preventing one from coming along or you are active avoiding pregnancy, the experience of seeing that positive test may not be everything the movies told you it would be.

After a few days we could see the wood from the trees, thank goodness, and very quickly began to fill our new shoes as revoltingly happy parents to be!