Well once the news that we were going to have a baby had begun to sink in we quickly began talking about how and when we’d share the news. There were a few nerves as we felt that some family members may not be very happy about our news – more on this another time.

The first decision we made as parents was that we would wait until the first scan which is generally between 11 and 13 weeks in the UK. This scan marks the point when most health professionals feel it is ‘safe’ to begin telling people as they have confirmed the pregnancy is viable.


Our resolve did not last long…


It was around 8 weeks in and we just could not contain ourselves. I had just had my first appointment with the midwife to get registered and start the process of arranging future ultrasounds etc. Matt and I were both so excited we just had to share the news with someone and so we face-timed Matt’s younger brother, who we’re both really close to. He was over the moon and his reaction was really emotional for us both to see. After that amazingly positive experience any doubts we had about the reactions we’d get started to melt away and were replaced with sheer excitement.

It’s actually a really odd and humbling feeling to be talking to a loved one and know that you have some information that once shared will change their world forever. It’s hard to describe!

Soon after this we began to tell the rest of Matt’s family and my family. Matt’s mum was actually working when we told her and with hindsight we wished we’d done a cute pregnancy surprise announcement but once we’d had the buzz of telling his brother we couldn’t be held back!

As time went on and our first scan approached we started to have some fear and doubt about whether we’d done the right thing sharing our news. As the reality of the potential complications began to dawn on us we almost regretted our decision as we would have a lot of people to disappoint if something were amiss.

On the other hand it was an amazing support having our families rally behind us and if they have ever doubted our ability to become parent’s we haven’t been able to tell!


If I had the chance to tell people for the first time again the only thing I’d do differently is to do it all bigger!